Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine Wreath Project

Here is a very simple wreath project for Valentine’s Day. My easy how-to is below:

I started with a straw wreath, ½ yard of red burlap, red and white sewing pins, red ribbon, and a heart ornament that I found on sale at Joann Fabrics.  

I cut the burlap into 6 long strips and wrapped the wreath using 5 of the strips attaching the strips with the red sewing pins.  You can also use hot glue instead of the pins.

After the wreath was fully covered I used the last strip of burlap and made a simple bow. I attached the bow to the wreath using the white head pins and added additional white pins to the wreath as decorative polka dots – similar to the heart ornament. I then hung the heart ornament using the ribbon and attaching it to the wreath using a sewing pin.

The wreath still seemed too plain to me so I cut out hearts from some leftover wrapping paper and attached the hearts to the wreath using the pins.

This project took me less than a ½ hour from start to finish. Easy Peasy J

Love, Tamra

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